The key to quality development is sharp people with a well thought-out plan. Good organization allows developers to modularize the development process. This results in rapid implementation of a system that can be easily tested and expanded for future versions. InterXpose provides a highly qualified technical staff with years of software development experience.

Project Management… InterXpose clients often require additional consulting and managerial support to supplement their in-house development efforts. InterXpose is uniquely qualified to provide this vital

support. The professionals at InterXpose have worked on countless software development efforts, and as a result

are well equipped to quickly anticipate and address problem areas on a given project. InterXpose can serve as

troubleshooters or, if need be, assume management of an entire project.

System Architecture and Design…

Design is often the most critical phase of any software development effort. In many cases, the quality of the finished software is directly proportional to the quality of the initial design. One metaphor is particularly appropriate… Ask yourself this question: What quality of house would you get if you built it with no blueprints? Custom software development is an investment. As with any substantial investment, planning is crucial. However, there is a trade-off. It is possible to over-design. This leads to lost time and money. InterXpose has the experience to strike the proper balance.

Languages, Platforms and Tools…

Another advantage of providing custom services is that  InterXpose consultants have gained extensive experience with a wide variety of languages, platforms, and tools during the course of our projects. In addition, InterXpose consultants have become experts at adjusting quickly when faced with new development environments. We are able to rapidly “come up to speed” on existing projects. The following lists just a few of the languages, platforms, and tools with which we have experience:

Web Technologies: PHP, .NET, XML, HTML, CSS, Java, JSP, ASP, VBS, Web Servers, Mail Servers, Firewalls, IIS, Apache,  Tomcat, mySQL, MSSQL

Frameworks: CRMs, Bootstrap, Visual Basic, Ajax, CodeIgniter, Spring, Stripes, CakePHP

Platforms: Windows, CentOS, SmartOS, VMS

Database Engines & APIs: ODBC, JDBC, SQL, Access

Networking: Wireless, VOIP, Telephony, LANs/WANs, TCP/IP, Windows Networking, DNS, NIS, VPNs, VNC